AmberFin, ATG Broadcast supply HD standards converters to Associated Press

AmberFin and its UK channel partner, ATG Broadcast, have announced the sale of AmberFin iCR high definition (HD) standards converter systems to the Associated Press (AP). The project is part of AP's global transition to HD operation with file-based workflows.

In parallel, ATG Broadcast has completed the construction of a new HD master control room (MCR) at AP's international hub of global video operations in London. AmberFin's iCR systems are being deployed in this facility as well as in the U.S., and will assist the development of the news agency's HD file-based workflow.

Alongside HD conversion, AmberFin iCR will play an important role in what AP calls the "normalization" of content that it receives. As one of the world's leading international news agencies, AP receives news content from a broad range of sources ranging from video captured by a smartphone on the streets of Cairo to a broadcast-quality file sent directly by its broadcast partners. iCR helps AP to ensure that all media files delivered across the AP network are fit for purpose for broadcasters to place within their editing and transmission workflows.