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Amazon Creates 3D 101

SEATTLE: Amazon unveiled a new “customer education center” for 3DTV. The online retailer put together Amazon 3D 101 (opens in new tab)for
“one-stop information and shopping destination for all things 3D.” The Web site brings together 3DTVs, Blu-ray players, laptops, computer displays, 3D movies, video games and glasses. E.g., six pairs of 3D glasses listed; three active shutter, all available, and three passive polarized, none of which are available

Amazon 3D 101 is organized with a list of videos at the top to answer basic 3DTV questions--what is it, how does it work, the difference between passive and active glasses, sequential and side-by-side 3D, plasma versus LCD.

“Plasma may actually be better,” Amazon’s Paul Hawken explains. “Why, especially considering plasma sales have dropped while LCD sales have soared? Well, plasma has two big advantages when it comes to 3D.... speed and contrast.... plasma can go to black 60 times faster than LCD.”

Customer discussion threads are listed below the basics videos. “2D in High Def,” “Watch your own 3D content,” “3D without having to purchase new equipment,” and, among others, “I have strabismus (crossed eyes).”

Amazon was among the first outlets in this country and in the United Kingdom to offer 3DTV sets for sale. It was first here with the Samsung models, and that manufacturer is now offering a 3D Blu-ray disc of “Monsters vs. Aliens” and two pairs of active-shutter glasses with the purchase of on of its 3DTV sets or a 3D Blu-ray player. The so-called “starter kit” is currently the only thing offered in the category of 3D Movies.

Noticeably absent from the site is any information about the new glasses-free 3DTV sets Amazon is offering from a manufacturer by the name of "StreamTV,” which lists no location. The e-tailer is taking pre-orders for the sets for the sets, scheduled to become available May 7.
Deborah D. McAdams

April 26, 2010:
More Glasses-free 3DTVs Appear
No location or details are provided about StreamTV,which is offering 42- and 37-inch 3DTV sets with integrated Blu-ray players, 500 GB hard drives and browsing capabilities that purportedly require no glasses.