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Aldena to Show ATS Series Antennas at IBC

Aldena Telecomunicazioni SRL will be offering their new Aldena ATS series turnstile UHF antennas for digital TV applications/gap filling. ATS antennas have an omnidirectional pattern over the entire UHF band, are top mounted and plug and play with low VSWR, weight and windload.

ATS antennas are available with different max power and gain (from 1 KW up to 5 KW and from 5dB to 8dB). The Aldena ALP18 antenna covers a wide frequency range from BIII up to Band IV and Band V. ALP18 is designed to discover SFN network-coverage problems (echos, EM levels). In conjunction with a test or monitoring receiver, it can be used for versatile applications, such as field-strength measurements or determination of direction of incidence and signal polarization.

Stand: 8.E37