AIMS Partners on AoIP Summit at AES Show Fall 2020 Convention

(Image credit: AES)

BOTHELL, Wash.—AIMS is set to be a partner with AES on the virtual AoIP summit that is going to take place during the AES Show Fall 2020 Convention.

The AoIP summit, scheduled for Oct. 13, is the first of a series of audio networking summits designed to provide the opportunity to learn from experts and ask questions about audio over IP and related technologies, standards and workflows.

In past years, AIMS has partnered with AES on Audio Networking Pavilions at AES Conventions. But an advantage to the virtual component of this year’s convention, as a result of COVID-19, is that the online event will enable attendees from all over the world to participate, according to AIMS Audio Group Chair Terry Holton.

To participate in the AoIP Summit, an add-on registration to the AES Show Fall 2020 Convention is required. Registration information is available online.

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