Agenda set for digital ENG seminar

Details about the half-day digital ENG seminar that takes place Feb. 21, 2006, in conjunction with the 11th Annual Hollywood Post Alliance Technology Retreat in Palm Springs, CA, have emerged.

The seminar, jointly organized and presented by the ATSC and the SBE, will examine several key components to successfully deploying and using digital transmission for electronic newsgathering.

Among the topics to be examined:

  • A review of frequency coordination efforts from the SBE;
  • Data return link review(DRL), including a report on the status of work by the ATSC to develop specifications for
  • DRL design and use;
  • DRL technical elements explained;
  • DRL system implementation;
  • Advanced codecs and their impact on ENG;
  • HDTV via ENG;
  • A technical primer on COFDM;
  • Technical issues on the horizon.

The seminar costs $225 per person.

Registration details are available at