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AES Expands in China

BEIJING: AES Regions & Sections Chair, Peter Cook, has concluded a series of meetings in Beijing, which have resulted in the formation of the first Audio Engineering Society section in mainland China.

Early this year, Shusen Wang, a long-time AES member, vice president of a Beijing broadcasting company and a professional audio consultant there, contacted Cook to explore the possibility of establishing a Beijing section. In late May, Cook made two AES presentations to members of the China Audio and Video Association. Following those meetings, a group of more than 25 Chinese AES members from Beijing and other cities, discussed a Beijing Section with Cook. Wang was unanimously invited to chairman of the section.

“The AES has many individual members in China. We believe our new Beijing Section will sustain a long and mutually beneficial on-going relationship with China’s professional audio community,” said AES executive director, Bob Moses. “This move exemplifies our plan to expand the AES mission and support our ongoing effectiveness throughout Asia and The Far East.”