Ads on Connected TVs More Attractive, Study Finds

Extreme Reach’s 3Q Video Advertising Benchmarks Report said that impressions delivered in digital videos over connected TV rose 170 percent year over year. Connected TV (CTV) share of the ads served rose 38 percent, compared to 31 percent for mobile and 21 percent for desktop. Tablets, once popular, accounted for just 9 percent of impressions.

Extreme Reach found that completion rates for commercials on connected TVs rose slightly to 95 percent from a year ago.

The completion rate for connected TV ad is 27 percent higher than for desktops and 32 percent higher than with mobile.

Ads in premium content exceeded ads running with media aggregators by 32 percent. The rate in premium content was 90 percent, up 29 percent from a year ago, In aggregators, the rate was 68 percent, up 8 percent.

The report found that 30-second spots grew in popularity, with their share rising 102 percent from a year, while the prevalence of 15 percent spots was down 38 percent.

“The CTV opportunity is one that advertisers are increasingly leveraging, and the impact that’s having on ad length, while unexpected, makes complete sense,” said Mary Vestewig, senior director, video account management at Extreme Reach. “I expect we’ll see even more exciting changes driven by CTV as consumer adoption grows and technology for targeting and measurement evolve.”Based on these findings, Extreme Reach projects:

  • CTV will take an increasingly large share of advertising budgets as adoption increases and targeting capabilities improve
  • Brands will continue to opt to pay higher rates for the viewability and brand safety assurances that come with premium inventory.
  • The number of 30-second ads will increase at a pace similar to the increase in CTV impressions
  • The availability of more large-screen mobile devices will render tablets insignificant to advertisers in the near future

The report is based on metrics from Extreme Reach’s third-party video ad server.