Acetel to Offer Bridge Technologies Monitoring Systems in South Korea

Acetel staff

OSLO, NORWAY ― Bridge Technologies has tapped Seoul-based Acetel to supply and support Bridge Technologies digital media monitoring systems in South Korea.

Acetel installed the first multi-service digital head-end system in Korea and has a presence in terrestrial, digital cable, DTH and telco integration.

“The Korean Broadcasting Market is already mature, and Korean broadcasters focus on the quality of the video and audio they are delivering,” said Acetel’s Steven Park. “Bridge Technologies’ market-leading range of digital media monitoring systems will help our customers maintain the quality of their services by quickly assessing where and when any problems occur.”

In addition to solutions for terrestrial, cable and satellite infrastructure, Bridge Technologies offers OTT monitoring tools included in most of its probes, as well as the new microAnalytics System for monitoring OTT and TV everywhere services to multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. The microAnalytics System enables operators to remotely access real-time data from set top boxes, connected TVs, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices for multiservice/OTT monitoring a reality.