ABC Owned Television Stations Select Triveni Digital's Transport Stream Analyzers

Triveni Digital announced Tuesday that its StreamScope ATSC transport stream analyzers were selected by the ABC Owned Television Stations Group. Each station is using a rack-mounted system to ensure compliance to FCC mandated standards by monitoring and validating its on-air signals. Using the system's remote monitoring capabilities, ABC engineers can simultaneously observe multiple ATSC signals as they are broadcast from various stations and verify FCC compliance for the entire group of stations from a single central point.

The ABC Owned Television Stations are one of America's leading television groups, with ten stations covering 24% of U.S. TV Households. Each of the stations is a leader in local news, information and syndicated programming, in addition to offering ABC Television Network programming in primetime and other dayparts. A current customer of Triveni Digital's metadata management systems, the group continues to use its PSIP transmission to enhance market branding and protect channel identities in on-screen Electronic Program Guides (EPGs).

The remote monitoring capabilities of StreamScope enable ABC engineers to observe and analyze feeds from multiple stations concurrently. To achieve this, a client interface is loaded onto individual PCs and using broadband connections, authorized engineers can view all the inputs into a single system or multiple systems simultaneously. Triveni Digital provides a native StreamScope client instead of limiting engineers to an HTML interface. Consequently VSB/QAM characteristics, stream makeup including virtual channels, PIDs and bandwidth, PSI and PSIP tables, PCR characteristics and buffer usage, as well as a host of other items can be monitored remotely.

"ABC Owned Television Stations are well known for their commitment to the highest standard of technical quality, including the accurate broadcast and reception of their signal," said Nandhu Nandhakumar, Vice President of Engineering and CTO of Triveni Digital. "With the StreamScope MT30 system, ABC Owned Television Stations have taken another important step forward in real-time quality control."

Available in both rack-mountable and portable models, with ASI, VSB, SMPTE 310, QAM and Gigabit Ethernet input support, StreamScope ATSC transport stream analyzers are indispensable in the station or headend and out in the field. The systems monitor, measure, and analyze DTV streams and signals in real-time to ensure their integrity, reliability and compliance with MPEG-2, ATSC and SCTE standards. The StreamScope systemís ability to record and playback streams in a non-proprietary format allows engineers to capture streams that can then be reviewed immediately or that can be sent to a variety of equipment.