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2015 HPA Tech Retreat Schedule Unveiled

LOS ANGELES—The Hollywood Post Alliance has released the schedule for the 2015 HPA Tech Retreat. The event takes place at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells near Palm Springs, Calilf., from Feb.9-13, 2015.Over the course of the week, more than 25 sessions will speak to participants across the content eco system.

Mark Schubin, the long-time maestro of the HPA Tech Retreat programming, noted, “The Tech Retreat program is built from topics that are of great interest to the technical and creative communities, and they largely derive from submissions. This year, we had more submissions than ever before, and the breadth and scope of what we received was truly impressive.”

2015 HPA Tech Retreat Schedule Highlights:
Monday, Feb. 9
Preregistration opens. Physics, Optics, and Electronics of Image Sensors is a pre retreat course offered by Charles Poynton.

Tuesday, Feb. 10
The day-long HPA Supersession kicks off the Tech Retreat with Shift Happens: Not Your Father’s Post, led by Leon Silverman with Michael Cioni. Even as some stability returns, fundamental changes continue in the creation, finishing and distribution of content. The Supersession takes a look at these changes and ultimately offers insight about how to be prepared for them.
After the Supersession, the Demo Room opens its doors with a cocktail reception.

Wednesday, Feb.11
The annual Broadcasters Panel returns on Wednesday as well as sessions including a CES Review; A Year in Review from Mark Schubin, From Smartphones to Cinema; Extended Color Gamuts; Contemplating the Expanding Canvas with Bill Bennett, ASC alongside other leading cinematographers; and the Future of Cinema, and many others.

Thursday, Feb. 12
Sessions focused on topics as Maintaining Creative Intent; The Cloud Demystified; Role of non-Linear Coding of the Television Image from NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories; IP or not IP; and Drones for Dummies are among the many offerings in a day filled with panels and presentations.

Friday, Feb. 13
As the week draws to a close, presentations continue with Lightfield Capture and Post Update with Siegfried Foessel; Enhancing the Creative Palette While Preserving Intent from Camera to Consumer; the SMPTE Update; and more. The day closes up with a post-HPA Tech Retreat session, How The Great Depression Led to Cloud Computing.

Leon Silverman, president of the HPA, noted, “The Tech Retreat is not just a conference where the latest, greatest, most important, and interesting technology and topics are displayed, presented, discussed, debated and sometimes even refuted – it is the closest thing to adult geek summer camp (held in the Palm Springs winter) that one can imagine. Come for the topics, stay for the people who can change your life. For the past 21 years, the Tech Retreat has truly been a place to meet the movers and the shakers right before they make their moves.”

The event has a history of selling out, and timely registration for the 2015 HPA Tech Retreat is recommended. For a full 2015 HPA Tech Retreat schedule, click here.