2011 NAB Show Product Review: Transmission

While the modern show booths are neater and streamlined, nothing gets my attention while walking the floor more than a piece of transmission equipment all shiny and new!

From transmitters and remote systems, to highly polished transmission line, the choices this year were abundant.


Don Thomas (L) of Scripps Howard Broadcasting watches Dale Dalesio of Axcera point out a feature on the DM8C-R exciter. Photo by Dawley/KovacsAxcera demonstrated its Innovator CX compact air-cooled transmitter configured to the ISDB-Tb standard at its booth. The company also announced a joint partnership with South American radio transmission equipment providers Continental Lensa and Contental Electronics to manufacture, sell and support ISDB-Tb transmission products in the region under the "Axcera Continental" brand. Also for review was Axcera's complete ATSC Mobile DTV system, the DM8C-R ATSC Exciter, and the Visionary Series high power IOT transmitter.

Comlab Scientel had on hand its low-cost Television Transmitter (TVTX), designed for low-power, remote sites.

DekTec showed its DTA-2111 Multi-Standard VHF/UHF Modulator for PCI Express, applicable for most QAM-, OFDM- VSB- modulation. Features include agile output from 36-1002Mhz.

Egatel showcased its TLE6800 high power liquid cooled transmitters. Also on display was the TE9000MP series, which incorporate power amplifiers based on LDMOS-50 volt technology. If you missed them, check out the RE9000MP series medium power gap fillers, along with the new MTD5000 micro-transmitters for both MFN and SFN networks.

Electrosys had on display the DVB-T2 Exciter, along with the ISDB-T Exciter and its UHF Liquid Cooled Transmitter which features a new amplifier. Also at the show was its new UHF Liquid Cooled Amplifier.

Harris has boosted the power to its MPH ATSC Mobile DTV transmission system via new compression and networking technology from its new Selenio integrated media convergence platform. Harris MPH now features a choice of Selenio of NetVX for networking and compression, Harris Synchrony mobile networking adapter and the Harris Apex M2X exciter and the Roundbox Server.

New satellite and IP plug-in modules for the Apex M2X Exciter were also introduced, as well as a new Multi-System Controller (MSC) designed specifically for Maxiva UHF (ULX and UAX) and Platinum VHF DTV (VLX and VAX) DTV transmitters. Also for review were the new Maxiva UAX compact class transmitter and Harris outdoor transmission enclosures.

LARCAN introduced the MXi series of low power TV transmitters, available from 10 watts to 1 kW and up. The company also showcased its Oasis Series of liquid cooled UHF digital transmitters featuring "Cool-Dock" technology, allowing hot pluggable PA and power supply modules without interrupting coolant flow. Also new was the Octane Mobile encoder-multiplexer for M/H service, and the In-SiNC RF demodulator.

Linear Industries showcased its Mobile DTV-ready AT8001 exciter, which provides linear and nonlinear pre-correction at the touch-of-a-button. Also on hand was Linear's Gap-filler product line, which improves DTV coverage in areas obstructed by terrain and buildings, or in areas where higher signal density is needed for indoor and Mobile TV applications.

Rohde & Schwarz introduced the AEM100 Emission Multiplexer for ATSC Mobile DTV, which can help protect against faults and outages. A bit-identical signal is applied synchronously to the outputs of two redundant R&S AEM100 multiplexers. If errors occur on one R&S AEM100, the Mobile DTV data stream is switched interrupt-free to the other multiplexer without the user noticing anything on the mobile receiver.

Victor Fernandes (L) of Thomson explains the architecture of the Elite 1000 Green Power transmitter to Martin Fabris of ARSAT in Argentina. Photo by Dawley/KovacsR.V.R. Elettronica introduced the GOLD video TV exciter, the BLUE Digital TV video exciter, and a 50W RMS digital transmitter. Also on display was their direct-to-channel TV exciter and UHF transmitter, featuring modular design and scalability from 5 kW to 20 kW.

Screen Service showcased its SDT-ARK-6 Series DTV transmitter for DVB-T2. It can modulate in any scheme via a software download and can be used as a transmitter, heterodyne transposer, regenerative transmitter and Single Frequency Echo Canceller, all in one box.

Thomson Broadcast debuted the Elite 100 GreenPower DTV transmitter, an energy-efficient, medium-power-range transmitter that uses the latest 50-V LDMOS transistor technology. The company also introduced the Elite 10 GreenPower multichannel repeater series, designed to provide environmentally friendly coverage of transmission gaps in dense urban or mountainous environments.


Aldena TELECOMUNICAZIONI debuted the new ATS0807920 TV gap-filler antenna. The “turnstyle” antenna has four dipoles and omni-directional radiation.

ERI (Electronics Research Inc.) offered for review its 1329 Rigid Aluminum Coaxial Transmission Line, available in 3-1/8-inch, 4-1/16-inch, and 6-1/8-inch (50 and 75 ohm) sizes. Also on display from ERI, the CS203 1-5/8-inch and CS400 4-1/16-inch broadband motorized coax switch.

Jampro showcased its UHF RWED-516-U compact TV mask/filter combiner, along with the JA/MS-BB Prostar Broadband UHF Slot antenna, which offers an economic alternative to purchasing, installing and maintaining multiple antennas. Also for review was the JAT-UHF Superturnstile Batwing Antenna, featuring a hot-dip galvanized structure.

Kathrein demonstrated its UHF Super-turnstile Antennas for DTV, along with a UHF Antenna Panel for mixed polarization; circular, elliptical, slant, horizontal or vertical. Also new was the VHF Band III Dipole Antenna, for top or side mount, for DAB.

Micronetixx Communications showed its LPC Series UHF Elliptical and Circular Polarized Antennas. Each antenna is custom built so the customer can specify a vertical component from 10 percent to a full C/P (50/50) ratio. Beam tilts are also offered up to 1.75 degrees.

Propagation Systems Inc. offered up two versions of the UHF Slot Antenna PSILP, a cross-section display of the PSIUSM, and a configuration of its UHF Broadband Panel Antenna PSIUP.

RFS (Radio Frequency Systems) introduced PCP and PEP panel antenna arrays for DTV, Mobile DTV, analog TV and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) applications. Also new were PHP12S panel antenna arrays designed to wrap around large structures while providing superior circularity.

SPX Communication Technology offered up the DLP-V Antenna for mobile. Also new was the TLP-BB Antenna, a side-mounted, lower power UHF antenna and a 6-pole, tunable 470 MHz to 860 MHz 50-W filter. For more power, they had the 4-kW filter for digital and analog TV standards.


Broadcast Devices Inc. showcased the DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System, which includes a precision directional coupler. Also for review was the SWP-200T Series RF Switch Controller, to control up to 4 RF transfer switches.

Burk Technology introduced the Climate Guard server room environmental monitor, which monitors temperature, humidity, flood, and other environmental conditions. Also on hand was the GSC/VRC IP Converter, which allows integration of legacy GSC3000 and VRC2500 systems with ARC Plus and AutoPilot 2010 over IP networks.

Davicom (Comlab Inc.) showed the MAC Expansion Module, which adds extra I/O capability to any one of its MAC products. Also for review was the Davicom MAC Site Monitoring Firmware 5.41.

Superior Electric exhibited its STABILINE power quality products, including automatic voltage regulators, uninterruptible power supplies, surge protective devices and power conditioners.

V-Soft Communications was offering new features to the Probe-4, including optimization for Windows 7 multi-core systems. V-Soft also demonstrated its new on-line web radio-TV propagation prediction programs.

WorldCast Systems Inc. debuted a new API for the Audemat Mini Control Silver remote facility control unit.