Vendor View, Chris Crump, Comrex Corporation

Expected tech trends:There will certainly be no shortage of apps for iPhone and Android on the stand of every vendor at the show. There is nothing more “front-and-centre” in our lives (both personal and professional) than the smartphone. There is even a 4K phone on the market now that further makes the point. IP is at the center of what Comrex does and like many of our fellow vendors, we are working to leverage the widely deployed IP infrastructure throughout the world to help broadcasters create better content. IP, VoIP and IP ENG certainly dominate our product line-up and will continue to dominate the landscape of this show.

What’s new:WebRTC is a very interesting technology that we have integrated into our STAC VIP Phone system that we demonstrate for delegates who visit our stand. It provides some very interesting functionality for broadcasters interested in improving the quality of their audio contribution from phone callers be they expert guests or contributors in the field.

Our LiveShot Video IP codec features some significant feature enhancements including the ability to use multiple USB modems with our new LiveShot USB Hub. 

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam:My new favorite place to hang is De NachtWacht. It has a very relaxed 70s feel and really good food. There’s a good chance you find me there with some colleagues and customers after the show.

How many IBCs, best trade show tip: I’ve been to several IBCs over the years but I’m not a regular. But the one thing I try to never be without at any tradeshow is a good supply of breath mints. It makes visiting our booth so much more enjoyable for our customers!