Vendor View, Charles Montesin, Miller Camera Support Equipment

Expected tech trends: I think one prominent tech trend that we will see will be smaller, lighter, high-resolution cameras that are cost-effective. The ratios of weight, size and price are shifting rapidly and dramatically impacting the way in which camera support equipment is designed.

New products: Miller will debut its Cineline 70 Fluid Head to the European market at the show. Constructed of corrosion-resistant alloy, the robust Cineline 70 Fluid Head is a feature-rich, cost-effective solution that is ideal for use on feature films, documentaries and high-end television commercial productions that require heavy payload, frequent re-rigging and a diverse range of lenses and cameras.

Initial thoughts on 4K and even 8K: 4K is gaining momentum and once low-cost transportable media, similar to Blu-Ray for HD, becomes available, and broadcast standards and compression schemes are set, then the penetration will escalate. Unlike during the introduction of HD, 4K TV sets are already affordable. I think that 8K is a long way away, expect for special applications.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: “There’s too many to choose from!”

How many IBCs, best trade show tip: This will be my 12th IBC. Wear summer gear, but always remember to pack a warm jacket, an umbrella and a raincoat!