(Sponsored Content) Dan Dugan Sound Design Model E-2 Automatic Mixing Controller

The Model E-2 Automatic Mixing Controller is the latest in a series of new products from the inventor of automatic mic mixers, Dan Dugan. For over 40 years, Dan Dugan Sound Design has been providing technologies and products to the audio industry for management of multiple live microphones.

Technologies include the Dugan Speech System, which automatically manages any number of live mics in unscripted talking situations, the Dugan Music System, which offers automatic downward expansion to help reduce feedback and noise pick-up in live performances, and Dugan Gain Limiting, which provides a continuous, stepless, number-of-open-microphones master gain adjusting system. All three technologies provide the best possible mix of live microphones, providing fast, transparent cross-fades without upcutting, choppy sound or shifts in background noise. Dugan products are used in talk shows, political events, corporate meetings, live theatre and more.

For more information on the E-2 and other Dugan products, visit www.dandugan.com.