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LiveGear - AirStream

LiveGear is the live video streaming product family from Vislink, who broadcasters have relied on for over fifty years for innovative and technically advanced video solutions.

The new AirStream is an ultra-portable, user-friendly, and reliable solution to stream “Live” high quality HD/SD video and audio. Mobile ENG has never been easier! With a push of a button you’re live streaming to your play-out server from anywhere in the world.

Mobility: AirStream can be carried by hand or supported by backpack/shoulder strap as you effortlessly maneuver through the crowd.
Plug-n-Play: Connect AirStream to an HD/SD-SDI or WiFi equipped camera to stream high quality video at the push of a button.
Reliability: Leveraging wireless 3G/4G cellular, WiFi/ WiMAX, or BGAN satellite backhaul communication infrastructures, AirStream delivers your video/audio when and where you want it.
Low or No CAPEX: Whether you decide to purchase or lease, AirStream is an affordable video transmission solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional content gathering microwave systems.
Playout Devices: Two different platforms, the ASG2200 or VMS-1000, are available to receive AirStream transmitters from the field.