Zixi, Harmonic Partner on Cloud-Based Video Delivery

(Image credit: Zixi)

WALTHAM, Mass.—Zixi and Harmonic have teamed up on an integration of Zixi technology with Harmonic’s cloud-based VOS 360 live streaming platform.

The VOS 360 platform is designed to help content creators and service providers launch streaming channels. To help secure the content in transit through its delivery chain, VOS 360’s cloud infrastructure has integrated Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), which can receive live video from Harmonic CloudLink, third-party devices and software with embedded Zixi, as well as from customers with deployed Zixi Broadcasters. The joint system can create end-to-end workflows at all stages of the media processing and delivery chain, per Zixi.

With the Zixi integration, VOS 360 will enable content contributors and distributors to scale their video transport to outlets around the world and provide ultra low-latency video.

SDVP uses advanced technologies, network bonding, congestion avoidance and hitless failover to create a coherent stream out of multiple stream fragments using a DNA sequence alignment algorithm.

“Our partnership with Zixi allows us to further enhance our innovative streaming solutions that address the challenges our mutual customers are facing,” said Shahar Bar, senior vice president, Video Products and Corporate Development at Harmonic.

Harmonic and Zixi will demonstrate the integrated technology during a webcast on July 22 at 11 a.m. ET. Registration is available online (opens in new tab)

For more information, visit www.zixi.com (opens in new tab).