Zaxcom to Show New Mics, Audio Recording Gear at NAB

At NAB, Zaxcom will launch its new Fusion high-resolution audio mixer and recorder. Optimized for use in reality television, surround recording, and ENG applications, Fusion replaces the multiple mixers and portable recorders normally required to support mixing and recording of audio to camera via RF link or hardwired cable. Fusion can mix together 16 inputs to eight output busses for recording up to eight tracks.

Designed without a hard drive, Fusion records simultaneously to two CompactFlash cards, ensuring 100 percent solid-state recording for redundancy and flexibility. With the Fusion’s DSP-based audio tools, users can adjust more than 300 mixer crosspoints and 200 controllable parameters. Fusion also provides an audio effects package.

Zaxcom additionally will demonstrate its full line of wireless systems, including the TRX900, TRX990, and TRX900AA digital wireless microphone transceivers, plus the TRX800 handheld wireless recording system. These systems are optimized for use in ENG and other broadcast applications; reality television productions; concerts, theater settings, and any other audio production that requires mobility and quality. A wide feature set includes support for IFB audio, time code and remote control signals.

Zaxcom also will debut the Deva 16, a new 16-track hard disk audio recorder for use in film and television production. With eight hardware faders plus an integrated hard drive, DVD-RAM, and CompactFlash memory card slot, the Deva 16 is a complete solution for audio recording, mixing and effects.

Zaxcom will be in Booth N4533.