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Zaxcom shows high-resolution audio mixer/recorder

Designed to bring high performance to the field, the new Fusion audio mixer and recorder from Zaxcom is designed for sports production applications. The Fusion provides a rugged, solid-state solution for audio professionals who require an all-in-one system for mixing and recording.

Fusion reduces weight and complexity by providing a direct replacement for the multiple mixers and portable recorders typically used to mix audio for recording to cameras via RF link or hardwire. It features multitrack capabilities and eight output busses, making it ideal for the new HD cameras that feature more than two tracks of audio.

The new Fusion records to two CompactFlash cards simultaneously, ensuring 100 percent solid-state recording that provides both redundancy and flexibility. For fault-tolerant recording, the Fusion records to one card in the mobile audio recording format (MARF), which allows audio to be recovered even if power is lost during recording. Simultaneously, Fusion records a redundant copy of the audio files in the FAT32 format to the second CompactFlash card, creating an easy way for the post-production team to have immediate, portable access to the files.

Zaxcom’s Fusion offers DSP-based audio tools and an integrated touch-screen interface that provides fast access to all of the system’s mixing and recording functions — including more than 300 mixer cross points and 200 controllable parameters. Four balanced AES inputs with sample rate conversion allow eight channels of audio to come from four different devices with varying sample rates or unlocked sample rate clocks. Fusion can mix together 16 inputs to eight output busses for recording up to eight tracks.

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