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Wohler Announces New HD Video Monitors

Wohler’s video products division, Panoramadtv, is now offering a new line of monitors for low-cost monitoring of high-definition television signals. The monitors are designed for confidence monitoring applications in transmission centers, production vehicles, post-production houses and duplication facilities.

“RM series monitoring systems allow broadcasters and other media companies to implement cost-effective monitoring systems without the tradeoffs typically required when purchasing lower-cost products,” said Carl J. Dempsey, Wohler president and CEO. “While none of the features incorporated into RM series products are new, it is unusual to find them available at this price point.”

The RM series accepts video formats up to 1080i and provides users with such features as level meter display of up to eight channels of audio, safe area and frame marks, switchable aspect ratios and built-in color bars. Currently there are five models in the RM series offering HD capability. They range in screen size from 4.3-inches (in a quad configuration) to 9-inch models in a dual configuration.

RM series design allows displays to be rotated by the user through a 110 degree range in the vertical plane to ensure a satisfactory viewing angle. They include built-in tally indicators and UMD capability.