WISI to feature DTV processing, transport in FTTx networks at Milan show

WISI Communications will showcase fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions for the implementation and upgrade of next-generation networks at the eighth FTTH Conference, Feb. 9-10 in Milan.

WISI will show its products and solutions for DTV processing and transport targeted at FTTx applications, including headend systems for broadcast and IPTV services, distribution systems for TV transmission via RF overlay, RF-over-glass solutions for cable FTTB applications and network termination units for point-to-point and RF networks.

WISI RF overlay solutions for the transmission of reliable TV services in FTTx networks is accomplished using the technology for high-quality optical transmission of analog and digital modulated TV signals. Using a frequency between 65MHz and 1GHz, it uses more than 100 channels, carrying thousands of SD or hundreds of HDTV channels. In addition, it also reduces the traffic in the PON or point-to-point network compared to an IPTV scenario.