Wireworks protects connections with Guardian Panel Mounts

Wireworks introduced its new Guardian Panel Mounts at NAB2009, which help protect connectors from accidental damage by providing an easy way of recessing connectors in a wall or standard electrical box.

A simply designed and engineered steel recessing ring, the Guardian Panel Mount offers protection to the connectors on a custom panel by easily recessing them out of harm’s way. Guardian Panel Mounts increase connector safety when used as a recessed low-voltage mounting ring or when installed in NEMA-style surface-mount or flush-mounted electrical boxes.

Wireworks’ Guardian Panel Mounts offer a simple solution to the longstanding problem of connector damage, using the same technique that been seen on the side of remote and newsgathering trucks for years. By implementing that concept, it is now available to the industry at large.

As a recessed low-voltage ring, a Guardian Panel Mount can be easily mounted directly into a wall or anywhere else by using mounting screws, fasteners or toggle bolts. A custom connector panel is then attached to the recessed flange, providing protected connectivity. When used in conjunction with an electrical box, the Guardian Panel Mount can be ordered in the exact box size for surface-mount installations. Alternatively, the panel mount can be ordered with a flange 1in larger than the electrical box for flush-mounted applications, effectively enabling the wide flange to cover any seam between the box and the surrounding wall. Guardian Panel Mounts are available with a recessed depth of 1in or 2in. Most NEMA electrical box sizes can be accommodated.

Guardian Panel Mounts are manufactured in heavy-gauge steel with welded and ground corners. Eight predrilled holes on the outer flange provide easy mounting, and eight tapped holes on the recessed flange facilitate mounting of connection panels. Panel mounts can be ordered in virtually any size with custom paint finishes for adherence to any on-site architectural requirements. Wireworks Perfect Custom Panels and LumaVue Plates and Panels can also be ordered specifically for use with Guardian Panel Mounts and can be delivered ready to install complete with connectors.