WiNetworks demonstrates broadcast quality video over WiMAX

WiNetworks unveiled Hybrid WiMAX DVB, an application that performs real-time video streaming via WiMAX that’s integrated with an existing DVB infrastructure.

The Hybrid WiMAX DVB technology creates a two-way broadband network with an always-on return channel for interactive TV services, such as video on demand and interactive gaming and polling.

Hybrid WiMAX DVB lets customer order a streaming video from a typical DVB set-top-box. The request is transmitted in real-time to the DBS regional VoD server, over the always-on return channel provided by the WiMAX network. Once the IP video content is delivered through the WiMAX connection, the Hybrid WiMAX DVB technology converts it into the DVB format and delivers it to the existing set-top-box for customer viewing. The embedded QoS algorithm assigns higher priority to the video content over the other WiMAX-delivered data services allowing high quality viewing.

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