Widevine adds enhanced seek capabilities for H.264, Flash Video

Widevine Technologies last week announced enhanced seek capabilities within Cypher for Digital Media.

The new feature enables Adobe enhanced player controls on progressive downloaded H.264 Flash content when using the Adobe Player, which currently is installed on more than 700 million devices. It also works with any http server and can seamlessly support other major video formats based on customer demand.

With this enhancement, Widevine enables service providers and video operators to use any PDL server in their distribution infrastructure while enabling random access features like jumping ahead of the PDL buffer, bookmarks and jumping backwards.

The enhancement allows video providers to deliver HD H.264 or Flash Video (FLV) to consumers with the same or better consumer experience gained by the use of more costly streaming platforms. This new capability builds upon Widevine’s previous Flash support, which includes securing distribution and consumption of streamed, progressive downloaded and file downloaded content.

For more information, visit http://www.widevine.com/internet_digital_media.html