WHTM-TV uses RF Central wireless cameras for home makeover project

WHTM-TV, the ABC affiliate in Harrisburg, PN, used wireless technology from RF Central to allow viewers to watch their community join together to renovate the home of a deserving family during the station’s “Mid-State Home Makeover.” The station used two RFX-CMT-II wireless camera transmitters and two of its RFX-RMRTD diversity receivers.

Bryan Barr, the station’s director of photojournalism, said that the wireless camera system proved most beneficial in light of the busy and complicated construction location in which the project was being broadcast live.

Employing dozens of contractors, painters and electricians working throughout the 4,000sq-ft farm house, pulling cable was problematic. The wireless camera transmitters allowed Barr to roam freely, which allowed him to report from a variety of places within the house as well as beneath and on top of the home, without being in the way of the workers.

The diversity receiver also served as a time-effective solution by allowing Barr to present live pictures no matter where he was within the house without losing any signal.

WHTM-TV’s coverage of the Mid-State Home Makeover culminated after seven days, where ABC 27 unveiled the home’s final reconstruction and interviewed the family live on-site. This also involved use of two CMT-IIs that captured each revamped room of the house.

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