WEVI Introduces CAM-WAVE Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

WEVI, a wholly owned division of IDX, is introducing a new wireless video/audio system at NAB2006.

WEVI's CAM-WAVE technology provides a live professional-quality streaming system that enables real-time viewing of images and sound directly from video/film cameras with no cables or wires required. CAM-WAVE enables ENG/EFP production, as well as film shoots with video taps, to let directors, producers and crew see precisely what a camera is seeing, live, via streaming video. Using an 802.11a "WiFi" wireless protocol, CAM-WAVE produces a professional-quality signal directly from a camera, and streams it to one or several video monitors equipped with CAM-WAVE receivers.

The system is composed of two units: The CW-5 TX transmission unit clips on cameras, and the CW-5 RX receiver attaches to monitors. Each has its own power supply and each weighs less than one pound and draws 6.5W. Both units are equipped with video and analog connections, BNC for video and five-pin XLR audio.

Unit range is roughly 165 feet and can be extended for longer distances. WLAN transmissions can be varied: 24, 12, and 5 Mbps are standard; MPEG-2 video rates of 14, 8 and 4 Mbps are selectable and include automatic error recovery. The license-free 5.2 GHz signal frequency is approved for use in the United States, Europe and Japan.

The CW-5 TX transmission unit includes NTSC, PAL and SECAM decoders and an MPEG-2 encoder that enables digital signal transmission. A single transmission may be viewed by multiple monitors and multiple transmissions may be viewed simultaneously. AES encryption enables viewing only on authorized monitors.

WEVI is in Booths SU143 and C4235.