Western Digital Powers Mediaproxy LogServer

Erik Otto

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA—Mediaproxy is an Australian company that was launched in 2001 to provide legal and QC logging and monitoring systems to broadcasters.

Our LogServer products allow hundreds of broadcasters, cable and satellite companies around the world to record thousands of channels of SDI and analog content. Our customers have storage, monitoring and data mining needs that never sleep. With the advent of faster hardware, large-capacity servers and storage, and faster networking infrastructure, the options available to broadcasters for recording, storage and quality assurance have opened up considerably.

To provide this sort of support our Log- Servers require internal hard drives possessing the best transfer speeds, a lot of high-capacity storage and the best reliability available.

After a great deal of detailed testing, we found that all our hard drive requirements could be met by Western Digital’s Datacenter drives. We‘re now using their Re 4 TB SATA internal hard drives for all our LogServer products, including the Log- Server IP v1.5, which is the latest update of our MPEG-based recording and transport stream QoS monitoring system. LogServer IP comes with either 80 TB or 120 TB of RAID-protected storage capacity, and such a system demands maximum uptime and high-capacity drives to meet the long-term content delivery storage imposed by many broadcasting regulatory bodies.

Also, as broadcasters find an increasing need to record and store all of their native MPEG media in the transport stream, our LogServer IPs require disk drives that can handle large amounts of data quickly, reliably and securely.

Western Digital’s Re Datacenter hard drive is a high-capacity, enterprise-grade drive with enhanced I/O performance. And it has proven itself reliable in the highly volatile 24/7 broadcast environment in which our LogServer IP products are used. The drives support RAID5 and 6 configurations and enable TS recording, native MPEG logging, along with full MPEG playback and live streaming. With a capacity of 4 TB and 7.8 billion sectors per drive, Western Digital Re can boast transfer rates of 6 Gbps using a Serial ATA (SATA) interface, which is exactly the sort of drive we needed for our systems. The drives are also ideal for reliable cloud storage, high-availability external storage arrays and data mining operations, and we’re impressed with the seamless five-year warranty that Western Digital offers on their hard drive products.

With the significant increase in storage capacity and reliability that the Western Digital Re hard disk drives are providing, our LogServer IP systems are now able to operate faster and more reliably.

As the Western Digital disk drives have the highest error tolerance and best MTBF that we are aware of, our customers can depend on our systems 24/7. They allow our LogServer IP users to benefit from a low total cost of ownership and they don’t have to worry about storage capacity, performance or expensive downtimes.

The long-term relationship that has been forged between our company and Western Digital is proof of the value of a strategic partnership and an example of a collaboration which benefits everyone.

Erik Otto is the CEO and managing director of Mediaproxy. For more information, visit mediaproxy.com.

For additional information, contact Western Digital at or visitwww.wd.com.