Wegener offers network control system

Wegener’s Compel II, the latest in the company’s line of network control systems adds new features such as an enhanced user interface and tools to simplify media distribution. Compel II will be available later this year and be backwards compatible with the company’s existing Compel networks.

Used by content providers, private network operators, corporations and broadcasters, the control system has been streamlined by unifying many different screens and utilities within a single, user-friendly, web-based graphical user interface (GUI). Using the Web browser access, operators can control live and file-based media distribution networks from any Web-enabled remote location.

Compel II also makes it easier for network administrators to limit access of employees or affiliates to only those features and functions their jobs require. New set-up features allow administrators to create classes of users that designate each user’s level of access. Upon log-in, users are identified by classification and the GUI is automatically reconfigured.

Compel networks manage from 10 to more than 100,000 receivers. With new support for SQL databases, Compel II enables the search, import and export of databases for better network management and expanded reporting features. Additionally, a new site addressing feature streamlines data entry in the database for those sites that have multiple receivers.

For more information, visit www.wegener.com.