Weather Central 3D:LIVE Fusion adds social networking tools

The platform combines new hardware, weather science advances, renderless animation and multiscreen delivery.
Weather Central’s LIVE:Wire LX automatically feeds data, maps and other alert information for formatting and delivery by Pixel Power’s BrandMaster branding switchers and LogoVision channel branding systems.

Weather Central has introduced its 3D:LIVE Fusion on-air broadcast weather platform. 3D:LIVE Fusion provides new storytelling tools to enable broadcasters to effortlessly deliver their most sophisticated weathercasts across every screen, including TV, PC and mobile devices.

3D:LIVE Fusion takes advantage of enhancements in hardware performance to enable the instant creation of weather visuals. New QuickMap renderless technology enables broadcasters to display map animations merged with text and 3D objects to deliver current conditions and forecast visualizations.

A new MOS interface connects 3D:LIVE Fusion to ENPS and Avid iNews newsroom computer systems, making it easy to integrate weather within the overall news production workflow. A new integrated content engine for 3D:LIVE Fusion gives broadcasters tools to distribute news information and alerts to their mobile sites and apps, Web pages and digital subchannels. New social networking tools mean that a single click on the 3D:LIVE Fusion desktop automatically posts updated information to the station's Facebook and Twitter pages.