Waves introduces Video Sound Suite

Waves Audio has introduced the Waves Video Sound Suite, an audio plug-in bundle designed to enable a fast, easy path to exceptional audio quality with a variety of application-specific tools. Waves Video Sound Suite helps reduce noise, clean up and enhance dialog, smooth out and maximize volume, re-create room acoustics and more.

Video Sound Suite integrates seamlessly into Avid Media Composer 5, Apple Soundtrack Pro and Sony Vegas, and includes special presets for video editors. Because Video Sound Suite features real-time plug-ins, it is no longer necessary to render or create new files for every audio adjustment, and making audio changes weeks or months later is a breeze.

Video Sound Suite includes the following Waves plug-ins:

  • Renaissance Compressor, which helps keep volume levels under control, for smoother, more consistent cuts
  • W43 Noise Reduction, which reduces ambient noise such as hiss, hum, traffic, wind and air conditioning
  • IR-L Reverb, which allows users to place sounds in real ambient spaces, add atmosphere and smooth out tight edits
  • Q10 Equalizer, which lets users enhance frequencies, cut lows, add highs, zoom in and clean up problem areas
  • DeEsser, which tames sibilance
  • L1 Limiter, which delivers louder, clearer sound to individual sources as well as final mixes.