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Ward-Beck Widens openGear

Ward-Beck exhibited several new products at this year's IBC show, including additions to its line of audio monitors and meters, an expansion of its line of openGear modules and card cages.

The AMS16-1 and AMS16-2 provide visual and aural monitoring of embedded audio signals. They each accept two HD/SD SDI signals and can extract 16 audio channels from a source. Each is equipped with 16 and an integral stereo speaker system to monitor the demuxed signals.

The RLM216 is equipped with 32 meters and is capable on monitoring up to four HD/SDI signals with embedded audio. It's designed for master control play-out applications.

The most recent addition to the openGear family is the M6205C Embedded Audio Processor with SMPTE2020 Metadata detection. The DFR8320 card cage can handle up to 20 cards, a frame controller card up to two power supplies.

Ward-Back also demonstrated a new digital audio reference signal (DARS) generator in its POD equipment line.