Volicon Upgrades Observer MIP With Nexidia Tech

BURLINGTON, MASS.—Volicon has added new media monitoring capabilities to its Observer Media Intelligence Platform by incorporating dialogue analysis technology from Nexidia. The new technology allows the Observer to review thousands of hours of content for a particular word or phrase, then providing users with access to videos of each instance.

The Observer MIP provides continuous or scheduled logging of broadcast content across multiple channels and then makes media available for review and clipping on a browser-based interface. Nexidia technology then allows the system to use phonemes to convert text to sounds and then recognize the sounds in the recorded media. According to Volicon, the Nexidia technology indexes audio up to 50 times the speed of speech-to-text software.

Volicon is a provider of enterprise media intelligence, monitoring and compliance logging technology for broadcasters, networks, cable, IPTV operators and governments.