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Volicon to highlight Observer at IBC2009

At IBC2009, Volicon will introduce a number of new product extensions to its Observer to enhance the ways operators can access, repurpose, share and troubleshoot different types of audio and video content.

Among the enhancements, Volicon will demonstrate its new Producer Module, an option for the Observer that enables broadcasters to capture and repurpose content in a variety of industry formats for outside use. The new Reconciliation Report Module is a comprehensive discrepancy reporting tool that reconciles data from various sources, such as as-run logs, traffic schedules and operator sign on/off data. The Content Matching Module enables operators to flag and access specific audio cues when they appear in a broadcast. The Content Matching Module also has myriad of uses for public information, government and public relations professionals, such as the ability to track political campaigns, monitor coverage of advertisements and infomercials, or confirm airing of public service announcements.

Optional modules for Observer include a module that uses logo-recognition technology to automate commercial identification; integration with video archiving software to create a comprehensive monitoring and storage system that incorporates managed RAID as well as robotic LTO; and multilanguage speech-recognition technology.