Volicon rolls out Observer Enterprise version 6.0

Volicon has released Observer Enterprise version 6.0. The Volicon Observer family of products captures, stores, and indexes broadcast content from multiple channels, offering users simultaneous 24/7 access to video from their desktop computers. Configurable alarms monitor video quality and provide early detection of audio and video issues across hundreds of HD channels, facilitating rapid resolution and helping to minimize downtime. The system also allows broadcasters to manage and compare content assets across multiple channels in a unified interface from any Internet connection.

A key enhancement in the Observer Enterprise 6.0 is transport-stream logging capability, giving broadcasters, networks and cable operators the ability to handle MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 transport streams natively as high-resolution streams, or efficiently over the WAN as low-res proxies, while retaining the content and associated metadata within the stream. Dual-export functionality allows organizations to mark in and out points, clip content, and then export a full program and/or the full transport stream.

Using the system for compliance logging and air checks, operators can easily extract MPEG metadata and troubleshoot the MPEG transport stream live or from the Observer log. Because native transport-stream logging increases signal density and flexibility while enabling full-quality content logging, users also can employ their Observer Enterprise 6.0 systems to rebroadcast high-resolution data, provide interactive content, and offer dialnorm reporting for logged content.

Fully standards-compliant loudness monitoring also has been integrated into the Observer Enterprise 6.0 to enable real-time monitoring of broadcasts not only for regulatory compliance, but also to improve the overall listening experience for viewers.