Volicon releases macroblocking detector

Volicon has begun shipping the new Observer QoE, a new quality assurance/quality of experience module for its Observer monitoring and logging system.

With the QoE, the Observer provides an automated method for analyzing a video image to detect macroblocking.

The Observer QoE was developed to detect macroblocking, an undesirable phenomenon in digital video systems typically resulting from overcompression of images or from bit errors introduced into the MPEG stream.

The Observer QoE analyzes video content and alerts an operator whenever macroblocks are detected. In addition, the Observer QoE notifies the operator when other transmission faults — including black video, frozen image or low audio — are detected.

The QoE module is currently available for Volicon Observer and Observer RPM products, which are used by TV stations, MSOs, independent cable operators, IPTV suppliers and satellite providers.

For more information, visit: www.volicon.com.