Volicon Introduces Linear, OTT Distribution Monitoring Platform

BURLINGTON, MASS. – Volicon has announced its new Distribution Monitoring system for end-to-end path monitoring for linear broadcast and OTT service delivery. Leveraging Volicon’s Media Intelligence Platform, the new system provides users with a unified compliance and monitoring interface for distributed content.

The Distribution Monitoring platform performs automated monitoring across the full distribution path and channel lineup, reducing the amount of operator intervention needed to identify and address issues with a channel. The platform only highlights channels experiencing a problem. By comparing signals across key points, the system can identify anomalies, track faults back up the distribution chain, and identify the source of the issue.

Able to capture a full recording of content, the system allows operators to target priority problems first and then used stored audio, video, and metadata to examine and deal with past or intermittent issues. Users can also rewind or pause live or recorded content.

Volicon’s multiviewer option for Media Intelligence Platform allows users to extend the monitoring multiple channels to the desktop or monitor wall. OTT-Cloud and OTT-Devices applications also help monitor signals being fed to the cloud and what’s being experience via the streaming media application on the user device.

Volicon is a provider of enterprise media intelligence systems for broadcasters, networks, cable operators and governments.