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Volicon announces new module for scheduled recording

Volicon has released a new module for its Observer desktop video monitoring and recording solution that enables scheduled, selective recording of specific broadcast channels within designated time periods. Supplementing the Observer's built-in ability to monitor and record multiple video channels automatically around the clock, the Scheduled Recording Module allows broadcasters to pick specific time slots or programs to record for a variety of purposes.

The Observer Scheduled Recording Module provides the ability to control set-top boxes and other tuning devices with infrared interfaces, enabling broadcasters and cable operators to select programs by date and time through a calendar application or from a downloadable electronic program guide (EPG). For broadcasters that subscribe to an EPG service, the Observer's intuitive user interface displays the EPG information exactly as it would appear in its native format, with easy-to-use checkboxes for selecting specific channels to record.

In addition, the Scheduled Recording Module alerts operators in the event of an overlap between two or more program selections and provides options for adjusting the schedule. For Observer systems with two or four video connections, the module automatically selects an available port when there is an overlap on a previously scheduled port.

The Scheduled Recording Module works in conjunction with the Volicon Observer and Observer RPM systems.

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