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Volicon adds loudness monitoring to Observer Scout

Volicon has announced its loudness monitoring and logging solution is now available on the Observer Scout platform. This solution is targeted at broadcasters, networks, cable, satellite and IPTV operators wishing to comply with broadcast loudness legislation and demonstrate unambiguous proof of conformance in a simple manner.

Unlike traditional stand alone meters, Observer Scout offers 24x7 continuous monitoring of all channels to ensure loudness measurements are captured and made available on-demand and after the fact — which is especially useful for troubleshooting and fault isolation of specific complaints.

The Volicon Observer Scout with loudness monitoring enables compliance with BS-1770-2, EBU R128, and ATSC A/85 recommended practices. With the product, operators now have an incomparable loudness management tool that offers frame accurate loudness measurements, historical LAN/WAN accessible A/V record, exportable burned in A/V compliance affidavit, as well as alarming, graphing and selectable gating.

More information about Volicon and the company's Observer digital video monitoring and logging products is available at