Volicon Adds Four Productivity Modules to Observer

At IBC, Volicon is presenting new productivity modules for its Observer 4.0 product line to streamline the workflow in the TV station marketing and operations departments.

The Enhanced Search Engine Module finds broadcast content immediately through closed-caption text searches using a powerful index-based search engine. Related features support searches by word or phrase, word proximity and fuzzy searches, display of cc or video thumbnail search results, and Search Watchdog notification with keyword alarms.

The Quality Control Monitoring Module makes manual monitoring obsolete by instantly notifying users of any interruption in the broadcast transmission. Observer 4.0 keeps a video/audio log available for review by anyone with a PC and system access.

The Centralized Monitoring and Viewing Module lets users verify broadcast quality and review important content such as news from a central location, such as corporate headquarters.

The Volicon Observer-HD provide high-definition signal logging and monitoring capabilities, including support for Dolby 5.1 sound with two or four channels recorded and stored for 30 days and longer. The Observer-HD accepts signals from HD-SDI interface with embedded audio and is optimized for the 16:9 aspect ratio of the HD signal. The system archives content with RAID-5 storage.

Volicon will be in Stand 12P.109.