Vizrt unveils IP-based Viz Engine

Vizrt has developed a new version of its Viz Engine real-time 3-D compositing system that is a renderer capable of IP in and IP out as well as real-time compositing of IP streams with graphics.

With IP capability in the new Viz Engine, Vizrt has created a complete end-to-end IP system for broadcasters to manage all of their content.

With an IP-based workflow, broadcasting enters the IT world. Instead of SDI cables and routers built through a TV station’s infrastructure, one simply needs a network connection to distribute video. Content is becoming file-based, so it can be easily stored, searched and distributed. Live video can exist as a stream that can be distributed to multiple platforms.

The latest version of the Viz Engine allows for IP-based streaming video I/O. Graphics and video are composited in real time and output as a stream that can be many formats, from online, to mobile devices to live on-air. With no need for an expensive video card, the system takes up less rack space.