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Vizrt, STATS to demo ‘holographic effect’

STATS and Vizrt will team up to provide live, in-booth demonstrations recreating their “holographic effect” technology at the NAB Show.

CNN used this technology during its 2008 presidential election coverage. The holographic effect proved very effective in drawing viewers to CNN’s Election Night coverage, with an estimated 13 million viewers.

It made remote interviews possible during the Nov. 4 broadcast between CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer and CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin. The technology was used again for a subsequent interview between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and musician later in the evening.

The holographic video treatment is created with STATS’ video processing and tracking technology used in conjunction with Vizrt’s real-time tracking and rendering software. The impression of the holographic interview is completed in fractions of a second to allow a live broadcast.

See Vizrt at NAB Show Booth SL5508 and STATS at Booth SL5011.