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Visual Data unveils captioning services for YouTube videos

Visual Data Media Services, a Burbank, CA.-based provider of integrated post-production solutions and distribution services, has launched a new Web-based captioning and transcription service for videos posted on YouTube. The lack of captioned content on the social media site has created a vast, untapped audience looking to add captioning to educational, entertainment and business videos.

The company has provided an online portal that it said makes the service easy to use. Users simply enter the URL of their clip into the online ordering system, select the captioning service needed, receive a quoted price instantaneously, fill in an accompanying form and submit their order.

Visual Data will then create a caption file or transcription, and e-mail it back to the content owner. Users do not need to upload content, nor do they have to speak to Visual Data staff unless they want to.

The automated, high-quality captioning is available in English and Spanish and can easily be added to YouTube videos. Global captioning is available in over 40 languages, and transcriptions are also available for all English-language videos. A two-day turnaround is guaranteed for captioning and transcription. A seven-day turnaround is offered for all global captioning projects.

Recognizing that there are nearly 30 million people with hearing impairments in the United States alone who depend on closed captioning for access to material, and that globally less than 35 percent of worldwide Internet users speak English, Visual Data leveraged its vast experience and market expertise to reach this underserved audience for their clients.

With the advent of Visual Data’s “YouTube Ready” global captioning services, YouTube content can now be accessible to a wider, global audience.

Visual Data has provided captioning, subtitling and translation services for feature films, broadcast television and video on demand for over 15 years, in addition to offering a full range of content preparation and delivery solutions.