Vista Takes 4K Imaging to Next Generation With Ikegami

PLAYA VISTA, CALIF.—The demand for new conent has created an unprecedented opportunity for all involved in production. We launched Vista Studios to meet this growing need in the most comprehensive, cost-effective way: by providing turnkey technical solutions that allow our clients to focus squarely on creating content.

Everything about our 30,000 square-foot 4K studios takes next-generation standards into account. From infrastructure, live production, editing and finishing, to management and workflow, and on to playout and delivery, formats from the latest to legacy are fully supported.


Image acquisition is a primary consideration, and for that reason we selected the Ikegami UHK-430 4K Native Portable CMOS cameras. We believe that the camera is central to the quality of the finished product that our clients demand: Make the wrong choice, and all the other efforts you put into the production could go to waste. The personalities, staging, and lighting rigs can be brilliant, but they require the right camera to capture it all effectively.

The stunning imagery of the Ikegami UHK-430 is at the center of our high-performing 4K core, stemming from a design that incorporates 24 million pixels onboard three 2/3-inch 4K CMOS sensors. The result is a picture with great color saturation and warm tones, creating video we characterize as “extremely vibrant” and “color-dense.” Format flexibility was very important to us—these cameras are equally at home in UHD or conventional HD formats, and in HDR or SDR.

Randall Heer

Randall Heer

Despite the many options these Ikegami cameras provide, we were able to press them into service immediately at Vista Studios with minimal learning curve. When we deployed the UHK-430, what we got on both the camera operator and video shading side was “business as usual”—in a good way. Sometimes when you take on a big technological shift you worry about a thousand different things that could go wrong, but when we got the Ikegami UHK-430 it felt like a non-event: The camera operators shot perfectly and the video operator was able to shade everything beautifully. We produced flawlessly on the first day of deployment, and that’s exceptional.


These cameras’ first few productions put them in front of a lot of people, right away. A few examples of content that they captured include “Make Up or Break Up” on Facebook Live, which happened to be the first live multi-camera show in the history of Facebook. They’ve also been deployed for productions including “Movie Night with Karlie Kloss” for Freeform, “History of Horror” for AMC, “MasterClass” sessions, projects for FX and EA Sports, and much more.

Video content that’s centered on eSports is a booming market and the UHK-430 has been a huge hit with our clients in that vertical. Usually, when you point a camera at a monitor wall, which we frequently do for e-gaming shows, you’ll get noticeable aliasing, moire-ing and often other artifacts being picked up. But you don’t get that with the UHK-430—it can shoot a massive monitor wall with clean color saturation better than any camera that we’ve tested. The result is as if the signal from the gameplay were going in direct: the camera captures monitor walls pristinely without artifacts.

Whether your company is new on the scene, like Vista Studios, or has been in the mix for a long time, the service you get from your vendors makes a big difference. I’ve experienced Ikegami’s support firsthand during my three-plus decades in broadcasting and video production, so I knew what to expect. Whatever we need, Ikegami’s staff is totally responsive.

Fold in the fact that the Ikegami UHK-430 is available at an attractive price point, and you’ve got a total 4K camera package. It’s been essential to a very fast start for Vista Studios.

Randall Heer is founder & partner, CEO of Vista Studios. He can be reached

For more information on Ikegami, visitwww.ikegami.comor call 201-368-9171.