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Vislink launches ASI-over-IP newsgathering products

Vislink News and Entertainment featured its suite of IP-enabled newsgathering products that allow broadcasters to send encoded live video or prerecorded video over IP networks at IBC2009.

The company’s satellite newsgathering solutions, including the DVE5100 encoder and encoder/modulator (exciter) and its IRD5100 integrated receiver decoder, can now encapsulate pre-encoded ASI streams into IP for transmission and can de-encapsulate one of up to four pre-encapsulated ASI signals from an incoming IP stream.

Vislink’s MRC microwave products are also IP enabled. The AMG2100 and ASG2100 smart mobile and studio gateways employ wireless broadband and microwave links for connectivity between an ENG/OB vehicle and a studio. This combination can support a large fleet of vehicles simultaneously. When equipped with an MTX5000 transmitter, a vehicle can transmit live video directly along with prerecorded files via IP.