Vinten Radamec to launch Fusion FCS16 robotic control system at IBC2007

Vinten Radamec will launch the Fusion FCS16 control system at IBC2007.

The Fusion FCS16 offers full touch-screen control for up to 16 cameras from a single panel, and is compact, requiring the same space as its closest predecessor, the shot control panel from Radamec.

The Fusion FCS16 has also been designed for complete backward compatibility with previous Radamec and Autocam systems. This enables broadcasters to make the move into robotics without having to upgrade an entire system in a single capital outlay.

The Fusion FCS16 Control System can be teamed directly with companion Fusion range products, including the FH100 head and the FBH175 bolt-on height drive. The Fusion FH100 is compact and lightweight but can handle a 99.21lb payload.

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