Vinten Radamec introduces pedestal for virtual tracking

Vinten Radamec has introduced the Quattro SE, a lightweight, manually-operated pedestal that offers built-in encoders for integration into virtual studios.

Developed from the existing Quattro S model, the new SE version offers the same ergonomically assisted lifting column, doorway width, and on-shot performance as the existing pedestal. Encoders, however, have been integrated into the wheels and column, providing precise real-time digital electronic positioning over the floor and during elevation.

To negate the impact of the wheel dragging experienced with some encoder-equipped virtual pedestals, an algorithm has been developed that uses the motion data from each of the seven encoders to provide an error correction estimate. This delivers an improvement in accuracy 10 times greater than other pedestal tracking solutions.

To deliver accurate position data for all axes, two electronics modules, a base processor and a head processor are included. Also included is a PDA, which provides the configuration and operational user interface. This not only simplifies virtual studio set-up, it also provides the operator with useful positional feedback and calibration data.

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