Vimond, Unified Streaming partner on cross-platform video streaming

Vimond Media Solutions has formed a partnership with Amsterdam-based Unified Streaming to bring the benefits of the Unified Streaming Platform (USP) to its customers.

Unified Streaming’s cross-platform video-streaming technology dynamically remuxes different video streams to different platforms, lowering the number of different formats needed and making it possible for Vimond customers to stream high-quality video with no buffering and no waiting.

USP allows Vimond customers to stream media content from one unified source to multiple clients and devices. It wraps the platform-specific solutions available from Adobe (HTTP Dynamic Streaming), Apple (HTTP Live Streaming), Microsoft (Smooth Streaming) and MPEG-DASH into one.

USP software running on the customer’s existing Web server dynamically wraps the content to the required formats for delivery. The module does not do any transcoding, but instead transmuxes —changes the container format— to the format used by the adaptive streaming format (MPEG-TS, fragmented-MP4, DASH). It also generates the different manifest/playlists formats used (.m3u8, .ismc, .f4m).