Vimond Launches Vimond Platform 1.8

BERGEN, NORWAY – Vimond Media Solutions is set to bring its latest version of the Vimond Platform for online video services. Version 1.8’s new features are designed for large scale multi-language regional operation, populate multiple sites from the same content store and target different audiences.

Vimond Platform 1.8

With new multi-tenancy capabilities allow Vimond Platform operators to use a single installation to power online video service for multiple clients, separating content and administration for each client. The system’s API facilitates integration with the operator’s management system for multi-tenancy scenarios.

Version 1.8 offers integration of multiple CDNs into primary and fallback configurations for increased robustness, while support for multi-publishing enables individual content contributors to curate content. Sub-standard content can be marked via a flagging feature.

The Vimond Platform helps manage and deliver multi-format OTT services from ingest and encoding, through conditional access to business intelligence reporting.