VidOvation Launches Two Wireless Transmission Systems

IRVINE, CALIF.—The VidOlink family of long-range wireless transmission systems has two new additions, as VidOvation has announced the launch of the VidOlink Ranger 2 and VidOlink Tally & Control.

VidOvation Ranger2

The VidOlink Ranger 2 is a long-range transmission system that can transmit wireless HD video up to a distance of two miles, says VidOvation. The system uses coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing to transport video within line-of-sight on the 5.8 GHz band.

Meanwhile, the VidOlink Tally & Control unit enables the addition of tally and CCU functionality to existing HD-SDI or HDMI video signals. It uses the 403-473 MHz band to transmit tally and CCU functions. The system can also send data via VidOlink’s RF-over-fiber SMPTE units, which delivers RF, data and power to the receive point with a single cable.

In addition, VidOvation also revealed it is expanding its VidOlink Reacher series of long-range transmitters with the addition of the VidOlink Reacher 400, VidOlink Reacher 1000 and VidOlink Reacher 2000. The three models span transmission distances of 400, 1000 and 2000 feet, respectively, to transmit HD-SDI and HDMI video with minimal latency, according to VidOvation.

VidOvation is manufacturer of video, audio and data communications systems for broadcast television and sports.