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Video editing systems


Singular Software PluralEyes

Saves time in post production for multicamera edits, dual-system audio or multitake workflows such as music videos; automatically synchronizes audio and video clips without the need for time code, clappers or any special preparation; available for Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro.
Booth: SL3327F


Grass Valley EDIUS 6

Works with any video standard up to 1080p50/60 or 4K digital cinema resolution; all major codecs in use in the industry are supported natively, with no transcoding required even when different compression formats are mixed on the timeline; users are able to preview effects in real time; features include 10-bit editing support, 2K/4K resolution support, free-shape mask filter, 16-camera multicam editing, proxy mode workflow, Canon XF format and EOS movie format support, as well as exporting in AVCHD format to a media card.
Booth: SL106


DVS Digital Video CLIPSTER

Equips users with a robust tool set to enhance the post production of film and broadcast projects; DI workstation handles a large variety of DI steps, such as enabling digital deliveries from raw camera files, creating mezzanine formats like IMF packages and DCI cinema projects (including 3-D), and conforming and editing of uncompressed 4K in real time.
Booth: SL3305


Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 7.1

Adds clustered multi-GPU processing to Mac OS X systems; features improved support for Tangent Wave control panels, support for the JL Cooper Eclipse CX control panel, and new file formats and codecs, including support for Arri Alexa ARRIRAW, Phantom Cine, high dynamic range OpenEXR and more.
Booth: SL220


Avid Media Composer 5.5

Works with practically any media format; captures, monitors and outputs with AJA Io Express; edits HDCAM SR Lite footage natively; accelerates AVC-Intra workflows with Nitris DX AVC-Intra; features better search capabilities and finds video clips based on a spoken word or phrase.
Booth: SU902