Victory World Church controls monitor walls with Flex-LT system

FSR’s new Flex-LT self-contained control system is being used to power and control the images displayed on three monitor walls for the Victory World Church in Norcross, GA.

The monitor control system is enabling the church to multipurpose the walls by allowing users to toggle between static functions, such as digital signage and full motion video presentations.

Victory World Church is using the Flex-LT to support three Samsung monitor walls located in the elementary school and the children’s ministry worship area. The Flex-LT facilitates room control at the touch of a button. It allows users to switch between announcements during the school week and video presentations on the weekends.

Flex can either be mounted in a wall or sit on a desk, and it gives users an intuitive color touch screen that controls the source being displayed, as well as volume, lights, shades or screen.

A built-in scheduler automatically shuts off displays that are not in use — making it an energy-saving device — and can deliver an alert if there is an issue in the room, such as an elevated lamp life that needs attention.

The systems integrator for the project was db Audio & Video, a Georgia-based provider of audio, video, control and acoustic design services.